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Title: False Memories
Chapter: 01/??
Genre: Angst (the first time for me), slightly attempted, but maybe failed, humor
Pairing: Kangteuk (might be ninja pairings)
Rating: It might vary, but I can't write smut, so it will be pretty safe.(can be mentioning of sex and minor sex related things, but no graphic smut.)
Warning: Might warn for my probably not that good english, bad writing, bad grammar, bad prompt? :( high self-esteem I've got. xD Oh yeah, I'm bad at separating like.."He was throwing up" and then suddenly "He threw up" you get it? I didn't found the english words for how to describe like it is happening right now, and writing like it happened get it? xD Ooops, long warning. Oh yeah, repeating of names xD
Disclaimer: I wish I was Lee Sooman.
Summary: After being out celebrating SUJU's third anniversary, Eeteuk wakes up in an alley, and nothing is how it's suppose to be.
A/N: Hmm. Started to write this today. Went from being about a girl and eeteuk, to being KangTeuk, cause seriously, I can't separate those two <3. What am I babbling about...I have nothing serious to even write here...waah~ Oh yes, even though I don't like putting korean words in to an english fanfiction, I do use Hyung and magnae, since I don't really find it the same saying "Brother Eeteuk", or "Eeteuk Brother", you feel me?


~*~*Chapter 1*~*~

Eeteuk was in his own utopia. Super Junior had just arrived home after their 3years anniversary performance, and at the moment, Eeteuk laid in the sofa of one of the dorms, his head on Kangin's lap. Kangin was stroking Eeteuk's hair softly, and Eeteuk purred in delight. His Kangin.

Eeteuk looked at the pictures hanging on the wall on the other side of the room. One picture from their debut, and one picture from when Kyuhyun joined. The two most memorable days in his life. He smiled to himself.

"Kangin-ah, how long do you think Super Junior will go on?" Eeteuk asked his lover.

"Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever-"

"Yeah, I get the point." Eeteuk interrupted Kangin, laughing and hitting him softly on the thigh. "I hope so too." He then said.

"We don't hope, we know." Kangin ruffled Eeteuk's hair, and Eeteuk knew that Kangin was right.

At that time, Donghae walked past them, a towel around his waist, and water dripping form him, leaving a trail behind.

"Hyung-deul, the shower is all yours. And please clean it after you used it; Ryeowook nearly got a heart-attack at that white 'shampoo' stain on the wall, you two left behind last time you showered." The younger boy announced as he walked past them and in to his room.

"YAH! It really was shampoo!" Kangin shouted after him.

"Whatever you say!" Donghae called back.

Eeteuk sighed and sat up. Smiling over at Kangin, he took the others hand and they went to claim the shower, and Eeteuk made a mental note to really clean up after themselves this time, because atleast he didn't want to kill off one of their members.


All the members had cramped in to one van. Shiwon where the only one who had offered to be a chauffeur for the evening. And since they were going for a long way, they didn't want to do the whole take-some-home-come-back-to-pick-up-the-rest, and instead went all at once.

And no, they wanted to spend all this evenings money on booze, so they gave up taking taxi. It was Eeteuk's idea, since he thought them all had done so well this past years.

When Shiwon had told them all that it was probably best if some members took a cab home, Heechul had started a lesson on air pollution. If some took the van, and others the car, the air would be more polluted than if only one car was used.

Eeteuk agreed, and so it came down to only taking the van.

"Are we there yet?" Sungmin asked, shifting his weight. "This is getting uncomfortable."

"Yeah, I think Sungmin-hyung gained weight." Kyuhyun groaned in pain as Sungmin put his hands on the roof of the car and pressed down his whole body.

"Lee Sungmin, think of the poor boys legs." Yehsung chided, and Sungmin stopped tormenting the magnae.

"Eeteuk-hyung, Yehsung said I'm a boy, but I'm a man! Aren't I?" Kyuhyun whined.

"I think I need a bathroom..." Donghae said.

"Shiwon-ah, can you please stop somewhere...I don't want to get wet." Hyukjae said, as Donghae sat in his lap.

"Shiwon-ah, can you drive slower? I'm trying to paint my nails back here."

Soon, a storm build up in the van, and everyone was either shouting, hitting or cursing at each other, well, all except from Shiwon, who was concentrating on driving, and he does not curse or yell at others.

"Yah! We haven't even started drinking and you all are already acting like this?" Eeteuk yelled over everyone else.

Immediatly it grew silence, and Eeteuk was glad that the bickering didn't continue because his ears was about to start bleeding.

When they finally arrived at the club, Hyukjae, Donghae, Shindong, Hankyung, Sungmin and Heechul headed towards the dance floor.

Eeteuk just hoped that Heechul didn't try to dance with someone, or tried to start a dance battle. It would be okay if only the others joined, but if Heechul joined, Eeteuk was sure Super Junior would get an embarrassing article in the front news tomorrow.

Eeteuk and the rest of the members, except Yehsung who had gone to get drinks, went over to sit at one of the tables. Eeteuk sat down next to Kangin, and soon Yehsung was back, carrying a tray with different drinks on it.

"A sour surprise to Eeteuk. Yes I asked for a surprise, you know I don't know any names on sour drinks." Yehsung put down the tray and handed a glass with green liquid to Eeteuk.

Eeteuk tasted it, and found it was to his likings, and soon, he was on his fifth drink.


"Yah, Teuk-ah, I don't think you should drink anymore tonight." Kangin said, as he rubbed the others back.

Eeteuk hung heavily over the toilet. He was glad Kangin was there, but he was not glad that the other was rubbing soothing circles around his back. It made him want to empty his stomach from something that didn't even exist. Not that he didn't like the lovable gestures, just that Kangin was pressing, what it felt like, up everything he had put in to himself earlier.

He throw up again.

"Aaah, I feel much better now." Eeteuk sighed as he sat back down on his heels.

"Let's clean you up." Kangin sighed as he helped the leader up from the floor.

"I'm not a baby~" Eeteuk whined as Kangin tried to help him wash away all those nasty things surrounding his mouth.

"Come on hyung, let me help you."

Eeteuk let him, but not without being sure to stick out his lips in a pout.

When they were done, they headed back towards the others.

"Yo, that took some time." Donghae said as they came back.

Eeteuk sat down with a smile.

"So, what's happening?" He asked, to no one in particular. He looked around and saw that most of the boys had gone missing, they were only five at the table.

"Well, Sungmin and Kyuhyun went off doing god knows what, Hankyung's at the dance floor, Yehsung, Shindong and Kibum's at the bar, Ryeowook just headed to the restroom, and Heechul's found some gangsta looking guys who he's been trying to befriend. He's probably laying behind some bush, beaten to death, at this moment." Shiwon explained, and Donghae and Hyukjae laughed at Heechul's probably poor ending of life.

Even though one of his group-members were probably dead, Eeteuk couldn't care for the moment. Earlier that evening, Heechul had drank up the last of one of his drinks, so he was still mad at the other.

"So, what are you guys up to? Went to the restroom for a quickie?" Hyukjae smirked.

"Actually no. Eeteuk's too drunk for that, so we're heading home. We'll take a cab, so don't bother." Kangin said, and gentle pushed Shiwon back on the seat as the younger got up.

Eeteuk understood why Kangin didn't want Shiwon to bother. Since the clock was only around 11 pm, the night shouldn't come to an end just because of him needing to go home.

But he had a better solution than Kangin had.

"Let's stay." He said, dragging Kangin back down on the chair beside him.

"Let's go." Kangin said, standing up, and dragging Eeteuk up in the progress.

"Let's stay." Eeteuk firmly said, sitting back down.

"Yah, will you just..." Shiwon didn't finish. As the Eunhae made a quick escape (not wanting to getting involve in some kangteuk fight) Shiwon quickly followed them.

"You're too drunk hyung." Kangin looked from the three who left, and back at Eeteuk.

Eeteuk sighed. "Youngwoon ah, let's stay. Go dance or something, I can take care of myself you know." Eeteuk looked up at Kangin.

"I know that you, in normal circumstances is able to take care of yourself, but right now I'm not going to leave you." Kangin sat down facing the other. "Hyung, you can't even walk by yourself. Let me take you home. Please." The younger begged.

"Let's go then." Eeteuk gave in.

He knew Kangin only wanted what was best for him. But something in his head nagged him saying that Kangin only wanted to keep him from having fun. But he knew that wasn't true. Kangin wanted him to have fun. But he was to drunk.

Kangin helped him out from the club, and they walked for awhile before they stopped.

"Hyung, you know I love you right." Kangin said, wrapping his arms around Eeteuk.

Eeteuk smiled in to the embrace. Of course he knew. He might been drunk, be he wasn't stupid.

"I love you too." He said.

Then everything went black.

~*~*End of chapter 1*~*~

And yeah, you are gladly welcome to comment if you liked it, and if you didn't, you can comment to if you find it neccesary xD


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  • Subject here :D

    Yesterday, before going to get my twilight stuffs...I fell asleep upon two kitchen chairs. I have never slept so good before!!!!!!! Anyway, i…

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