Hmm. I am a 21 year old girl from Sweden.
I fangirl mostly over Super Junior, but also over lots of other groups.
I also blog about my personal life outside my fangirlism, however, my idols are practically my life(sadly) so it will be mostly them...

Subject here :D

Yesterday, before going to get my twilight stuffs...I fell asleep upon two kitchen chairs.

I have never slept so good before!!!!!!!

Anyway, i gave the jacobandbella card to my youngest sister, since she had claimed anything jacob related that I didn't want. So the next youngest, got a little jacob card.
I gave them away because I seriusly don't care much about jacob, and then it's better he can come to the care of his fans xD

Went to bed before 6pm....woke up today and half past noon...slept over 16 hours xD
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New Moon


Ok. so I didn't really like Twilight at all, I mean, I do like the book, but Kristen Stewart bugs me in this roll, and Robert Pattinson must have a stick up his ass when he plays Edward Cullen.

But New Moon. SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Kristen Stewart got a little bit better, but I don't understand why she need to do all those weird noises all the time.
Robert Pattinson still had a stick in his ass, but it seemed smaller this time.
And the movie was much better,
but someone destroyed it.

This person.

Anyway, I havent slept for 25 hours, and guess what. MY TWILIGHT CALENDAR AND THE DELUXE THING HAVE ARRIVED AT THE MAILOFFICE. I'm not gonns sleep until I got them in my hands and drool a little over them, and scribble over Jacobs face and burn pictures of only Jacob on. (Just kidding. I have paid for them you know.) ;P

Just kidding Jacob fans.

But I am Anti Jacob, don't ask me why, I know he is very important for the story to run as it should, but don't you think that it would have been easier for my lovely Carlisle and his family to live and turn bella if that kid and his pack wasn't around?
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Tonight...soon...In just about 2h and 30 minutes, I'm going to watch Twilight, and NEW MOON!!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOH!

Twilight starts at 9.30pm, and New Moon starts at midnight.

Sad thing is, I start work at 7.30 tomorrow morning, so I am not going to sleep at all tonight xD

Bought a 1,5l Cola, gonna make some popcorn and I bought a chocolate. I WANNA GO TO THE MOVIES NOW!

And yesterday, I had this adrenaline kick and bought this.

:D 18months Twilight calendar, and Twilight Deluxe, with movie, newmoon poster, stickers and cards. :D:D:D:D:D
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I'm back

I wonder how long I will stay this time.

I'm also wondering if I am forgotten, if so, no one will be sad about theese news.
I am killing of False Memories!
Why? Because I have no clue what the plot is anymore... And I hate the fic, it certainly didn't come out as I wanted it. Sounded so much better in my head.

Anyway, I haven't given up on Secret Lovers just yet. I like that plot much more, and it is such an easy plot too.
I can only hope that people will actually read it, since I abandoned it all before :/

Gay Trip (which is written with my sister) will also continuing. When? I don't know.

I do have a life outside my fandom(unbelivable). But I will write from time to time, and planned on writing a few chapters before continue posting....I am such a bad writer/updater xD



Makes me wonder why on earth there are people in the world.
Why waste energy on hating someone you don't know?
Frankly, I don't get upset when reading things like "Heechul likes boys", but don't go around calling Shindong fatty, or write stupid things about Donghae's family. It's just rude. Writing that Heechul likes boys is also rude, but if he would find that site, I think he wouldn't care at all.

I just want to know why. Why people bother hating?
I had enough hating in my life, I can't even hate the ones making that site. I just feel sorry for them, having so much hate they need to take it out on innocent people they don't even know. I'd like to watch those people behind that site, walking up to super junior and say all things to their face instead of hiding behind the computer.

You do not have to love or hate a group, there is a simpel thing in between, it's call DO NOT BOTHER.


April 23

I don't have time for anything lately...well honestly, I do have time..but I'm not making use of it.
I'm so stressed because of my school works who should be done soon, but I'm not making any progress..well, I did today, I started with it..it's an essay..
and then my history teacher was supposed to send me a mail with furtfer information on a test I'm gonna have..but she hasn't sent anything..
and then we're waiting for for information about money we have asked about for out trip to auswitch...


ah picture I've made of eeteuk xD I think I did pretty well, since I really can't draw...it might look like I've cheated by putting it against the screen..but I haven't...I made the picture in to small sqaures, and did the same to the paper, and it's such a good way to draw xD

yuck..it doesn't look like eeteuk in the picture..
here's another..

I have a scanner, but I'm too lazy to use it >_<
GAH! It does not look like eeteuk in that pic either...well...screw that, atleast it looks like eeteuk at the real drawing i have...
And I CAN'T make shadows even if my life depended on it...

False Memories chapter 9

Title: False Memories
Author: Cocosdot 
Chapter: o9
Genre: Angst...humour..I don't know~
Pairing: Kangteuk
Rating: Safe..Or so I think.
Warning: Bad english...badly written..
Disclaimer: They're mine..ALL mine~
Summary: Eeteuk wakes up and nothing is like he remembers it. Super Junior does not excist, and he must learn to live in this new world..thing..dimension.
A/N: FORGIVE ME!! I've been such a bad updater >_< And I think I've been accidently going away from the plot...and..this chapter didn't turn out exactly as it was first written xD

Collapse )

Collapse )

About updating!

I'm gonna update False Memories and Secret Lovers tomorrow, HOPEFULLY!
My computer have been fucking up lately (don't know if I've wrote it before) Anyway, so hopefully it will work tomorrow when I'm gonna update it. I'm gonna try finish it now, and if I do, I will update, just so everyone knows, that if I don't update tomorrow(sunday) it's because my fucking computer died again -_-